The exercise proven to be effective treatment for artial fibrilation is: 30 min per day cycles of 4-minute aerobic exercise around 85% of peak heart rate, followed by 3-minutes of active recovery.Study Outcome

"In the study, patients underwent AIT, in which they engage in four 4-minute bouts of high intensity (commonly 85-95% peak heart rate) aerobic exercise, each interspersed by 3-minutes of active recovery. Previous studies from this center have shown the benefits of this form of exercise, for heart failure [18], and metabolic syndrome [19]. In our clinic, we prescribe exercise up to 85% of peak heart rate for a total duration of 200 minutes per week, a strategy that leads to greater AF freedom in those who make significant gains in cardiorespiratory fitness12. In the absence of comparative data of training modalities for AF patients, current recommendations should focus on prescribing forms of aerobic exercise that patients enjoy and are most likely to adhere to, rather than being overly specific. However, the current evidence supports the efficacy of aerobic exercise activities up to, or close to, peak heart rate if appropriate and achievable to the patient (Figure 1). "

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