1 pill a day between March (before birch pollen season) and June (after birch pollen season) of pills with 5x10^9 CFU of bacteria is a sufficient quantity to achieve reduction of symptoms of birch pollen allergyStudy Outcome

"The study material consisted of capsules containing 5×10^9 CFU of a combination of 25% Lactobacillus acidophilus (L. acidophilus) NCFM TM (ATCC 700396) and 75% Bifidobacterium lactis ( B. lactis ) Bl-04 (ATCC SD5219), Danisco Cultures, Madison, USA. (...) The study material consisted of Eligible subjects were assigned to receive one of the individually coded test products. The subjects or their parents were instructed to consume one capsule daily or to suspend its contents in a suitable liquid. The patients attended the study unit 3 times during spring 2006 (Figure 1). The first visit was in March before the birch pollen season, and consumption of the study material started after this visit. The second visit was at the end of April-beginning of May during the birch pollen season and the third visit was in June at the end of the season, when consumption of the study product was finished."

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